Advertise Your Local Chalfont, Warrington or Doylestown Business with Freestyle Dance Academy!

Hip-Hop Dance Class at Freestyle Dance Academy.

Contact Freestyle Dance Academy today to advertise in our 2016 Showcase Program!

This dance season, Freestyle Dance Academy will be offering the opportunity for local businesses in the Warrington, Chalfont & Doylestown communities to place advertising in our annual Dancer Showcase program. The dance studio prints about 300 programs, which are then distributed to all guests at the performance. Most programs are also taken home by dancers, and often kept as souvenirs from the show. Each business is offered a half page, black & white ad for $50. Since the program is only a few pages in total size, there are limited spaces available. Be sure to contact Freestyle Dance Academy today to reserve your spot!

The Freestyle Dance Academy Dancer Showcase takes place at the Temple University Campus, off of Route 309, in Ambler, PA. All dance classes from the studio perform in the show, including hip-hop, breaking (“breakdancing”), jazz, tap, ballet & more. The showcase is often filled to maximum capacity with families & friends of all the Freestyle Dance Academy dancers.

If your business is interested in advertising in the Freestyle Dance Academy Showcase program, contact the dance studio one of two ways:

  1. E-mail Freestyle Dance Academy at, with the subject line “Program Advertising.”
  2. Call the dance studio at 215-822-6313.
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Advertise with One of the Best Dance Studios in Bucks County!

Freestyle Dance Academy is located at 341 Lower State Rd, Chalfont, PA 18914, on the grounds of Camp America Day Camp. FDA proudly offers high quality dance education for the Warrington, Chalfont & Doylestown communities.

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