Freestyle Dance Academy Dancing for Red Nose Day 2015


Mr. Tony put up a quick freestyle on Youtube to show support for Nick Cannon & the effort of “Red Nose Day.” Red Nose Day is a movement to support the fight against poverty around the world. Today, people across the globe will come together under the umbrella of humor, dance, & fun to raise funds & awareness for the fight against poverty. Tonight, on NBC, there will be a three hour special at 8pm to support Red Nose Day 2015.

Mr. Tony has made a personal donation to Red Nose Day 2015, aside from making a fun improv video. Freestyle Dance Academy encourages all dancers to support the cause through the idea of fun by taking pictures or making a video. Tag Freestyle Dance Academy on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; or e-mail it to us, and we will gladly repost them in the honor of supporting fun & happiness, while combating poverty.

Red Nose Day 2015 - Freestyle Dance Academy

For more information on Red Nose Day 2015, go to You can also make a monetary donation to the cause.

Red Nose Day 2015

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