Freestyle Dance Academy Welcomes Diwakar Performing Arts Group & Bollywood Dance School

Freestyle Dance Academy welcomes Diwakar Performing Arts Group to Warrington, PA

Diwakar Performing Arts Group & Bollywood Dance School

Freestyle Dance Academy is excited to welcome the Diwakar Performing Arts Group & School of Dance into our dance studio through June. Anil Diwakar, and the members of his Performing Arts company, will be teaching Bollywood dance classes every Saturday at Freestyle Dance Academy. Diwakar Performing Arts Group is extremely excited to bring Bollywood dance to the Warrington, Chalfont & Doylestown areas.

Bollywood - Diwakar Performing Arts Group - Dance Fest International 2012

Dance Fest International 2012 in Princeton, NJ presented by Diwakar Performing Arts Group.

Diwakar Performing Arts Group was established in 1995 to teach and provide authentic Bollywood Indian dance to students ages 6 to 65 years old. The mission of the Diwakar Performing Arts Dance School is three fold:

  • To teach proper technique, style and form of Bollywood dance.
  • Encompass new dance elements over the change of time.
  • Instill life-long core values that can be applied beyond the dance studio.

Freestyle Dance Academy feels that the Diwakar Performing Arts Dance School philosophy fits well along side our own. The Diwakar Bollywood School of Dance always teaches their students various dance forms through proper technique. They also strive to instill valuable core characteristics, such as respect & self-discipline, with positive encouragement so each student may value dance as fun, as well as a form of self-discipline.

Bollywood Dance - Diwakar Performing Arts Group

The Diwakar Performing Arts Group on stage performing traditional Bollywood dance.

The Diwakar Performing Arts Group has performed all over the United States, as well as internationally. Some of their credits include the Bollywood Movie Awards, Jay Sean Live in Atlantic City, various global Bollywood tours, the Dallywood Awards and more. The company continues to perform locally & beyond, while also providing workshops & dance classes to the surrounding areas.

Bollywood Dance - Diwakar Performing Arts Group - Anil Diwakar

Anil Diwakar – Artistic Director

Anil Diwakar began teaching Bollywood Indian dance in the early 90’s. He holds extensive experience in various Bollywood dance forms including Folk, Punjabi, Filmy, Kathak and more. He also has studied different dance styles outside of Bollywood including Salsa, Contemporary, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. Anil has travelled the US and India teaching Bollywood dance, and has had the opportunity to work with numerous Bollywood stars. Anil’s goals for all of his students, regardless of age, are that they learn the proper technique for the dance style, as well as the values of self-discipline, respect, and confidence. Armed with these tools, he believes they all can perform their best on stage.

Freestyle Dance Academy is proud to host the Diwakar Performing Arts School of Dance at our dance studio until June, and look forward to sharing this unique dance form with the residents of the Warrington, Chalfont and Doylestown communities. For more information on the Diwakar Performing Dance Company, or the Dance School, check out the links below.

Diwakar Performing Arts Group & Dance School

Diwakar Performing Arts Group Facebook Page

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