Freestyle Dance Academy Performs at Temple Football Halftime


On November 29th 2014, Freestyle Dance Academy had the privilege to perform at Lincoln Financial Field for halftime of the Temple & Cincinnati football game. The dancers that represented Freestyle Dance Academy were Frankie S., Nala A., Lauren B., Julia T., Olivia C., Brianna C., Tommy W., Dante Q., Kyle P. and Kyle C.  The dancers were joined on the field by a few of the Freestyle Dance Academy teachers, Mr. Tony, Mr. Ian, Ms. Colleen and Ms. Ali.

Freestyle Dance Academy Dancers at Lincoln Financial Field

The Freestyle Dance Academy performers waiting to take the field at halftime.

After months of working on their show, the dancers had their opportunity to show their skills on the field that Temple University shares with the Philadelphia Eagles. Every dancer had to audition for the performing group, and after completing the audition, spent months in rehearsal preparing the show for the big performance day. The game day music included Macklemore, Jessie J, Arianna Grande, James Brown, Gene Wilder, and Will Smith. The dancers performed all together, as well as in smaller groups to show off the various techniques and dance styles that exist in the wild world of Freestyle Dance Academy!

Freestyle Dance Academy dancers at Lincoln Financial Field dancing at Temple football halftime

The Freestyle Dance Academy dancers performing to “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The day started off in the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot for a Freestyle Dance Academy tailgate, where the performers could unwind and enjoy the sounds of the Temple Marching Band, along with the company of the many friends, families and Freestyle supporters that came out to support the dance studio for the halftime performance. After enjoying the first quarter of the Temple vs Cincinnati football game, the dancers went to their assigned meet-up location to stretch and warm up for halftime. Once the Temple band had cleared the field, FDA took their places!

Freestyle Dance Academy dancers before the Temple halftime performance.

The Freestyle Dance Academy performers in the parking lot before the game.

Freestyle Dancers stretching before performing at Lincoln Financial Field

Dancers Brianna, Julia & Kyle stretching before performing at Lincoln Financial Field.

Check out some of the pictures below from the halftime performance. For all of the pictures, and to see some video of the show, check out the Freestyle Dance Academy Facebook page. To go right to the photo album from the Temple football halftime performance, click here. Check out the Freestyle Dance Academy Youtube page here.

Freestyle Dance Academy performing to Jessie J & Arianna Grande at Lincoln Financial Field.

Brianna, Olivia, Colleen, Ali, Julia & Lauren performing to “Bang Bang” by Jessie J & Arianna Grande.

Freestyle Dance Academy at Lincoln Financial Field for the Temple Football Halftime Performance.

Mr. Ian & Nala on the field before the Temple halftime performance.

Freestyle Dance Academy performing the dougie at Lincoln Financial Field.

The Freestyle Dance Academy dancers doing “The Dougie” during Will Smith’s “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Freestyle Dance Academy performing to Poison at Lincoln Financial Field during the Temple football halftime performance.

Nala, Ian & Frankie dancing to “Poison” during FDA’s Temple halftime performance.

A massive “Thank You” to Temple University & Temple Athletics for having Freestyle Dance Academy perform at halftime of the Temple vs Cincinnati football game. Thank you to all of the dancers who worked so hard, and put on an incredible performance at Lincoln Financial Field. Thank you to Ross & Neil, our photographers. Last, but not least, THANK YOU to all of the parents, families, friends & FDA supporters who came to the game, and supported the studio in preparation for the performance. None of this could happen without you! Great job to all the dancers who performed at Lincoln Financial Field. We are so proud of you all!

To check out more pictures on Facebook, click here to view Part 2 of the photo album.

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