Freestyle Dance Academy Performs in Project Moshen’s “Artistry Unfolded 2016.”


Freestyle Dance Academy was once again invited to dance in Project Moshen Dance Company’s annual performance showcase, Artistry Unfolded. The Philadelphia based jazz dance company, which features Freestyle Dance Academy jazz, tap & fitness teacher Ms. Colleen, hosts Artistry Unfolded to showcase the various dance companies & studios around the region. Hosted at the Institute of Dance Artistry, in Fort Washington, PA, the Freestyle Dance Academy dancers were once again excited to perform for the audience.

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Project Moshen hosts Artistry Unfolded to showcase the dancers of the Philadelphia region.

After last year’s breaking (“breakdancing”) performance was a success, the dancers of Freestyle Dance Academy decided to perform a humorous & fun-filled dance piece titled “Size Matters Not…” The performance placed the younger dancers versus the older ones, and opened with Annie Get Your Gun’s “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.” From there, the dancers went on to dance ‘against’ one another, trying to show off their better moves, and prove they belonged on the dance floor. Interlaced with lines from movies such as Alaadin, The Sandlot, and Star Wars, the performance was one that all ages could enjoy. While choreographed & directed by Freestyle Dance Academy’s own Tony Azzaro, the show had a lot of input from the dancers themselves, which allowed their individual personalities to shine through during the performance.

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The Freestyle Dance Academy dancers hanging out at the diner before performing in Project Moshen’s Artistry Unfolded 2016. – Photo from the Freestyle Dance Academy Instagram.

Congratulations to the Freestyle Dance Academy dancers who performed on a great show. We are always so proud of our dancers when they go out and share their talent with the world! A special thank you to the ladies of Project Moshen Dance Company, for once again inviting us to perform!

Freestyle Dance Academy 2016 Artistry Unfolded Dancers

Bella S.

Cooper T.

Dante Q.

Ethan S.

Kyle C.

Kyle P.

Take a look at the 2015 Artistry Unfolded Performance by Freestyle Dance Academy, featuring Bella, Carter, Cooper & Ethan:

Read more about Artistry Unfolded 2015 here.

Freestyle Dance Academy provides high quality dance education to the Warrington, Chalfont, Doylestown & Lansdale communities. The dance studio has dance lessons for both adults & kids of all ages & experience levels. View the dance class schedule here.

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