Freestyle Dance Academy “Support the Arts” produced by CanCan Productions


A public service announcement from Freestyle Dance Academy: Support the arts, the arts are important to childhood & adult development! A huge thank you to CanCan Productions for putting together such an artistic piece of video for the dance studio.

CanCan Productions had taken an interest in the “Art Story” of Freestyle Dance Academy studio director, Tony Azzaro, on the website for the National Endowment of the Arts. (Read the article here.) While currently working on a grant from the NEA, CanCan Productions contacted Freestyle Dance Academy, wanting to bring the story to life.

CanCan Productions filming at Freestyle Dance Academy.

CanCan Productions filming at Freestyle Dance Academy.

The ladies of CanCan Productions spent an evening filming dance classes at Freestyle Dance Academy, and an afternoon discussing dance, performing arts, art classes and more with studio director Tony. Freestyle Dance Academy & CanCan Productions agree with the message of the National Endowment for the Arts, “Art Works.” Besides the obvious artistic skills learned from the performing & fine arts, the development & encouragement of creativity, ingenuity and independence are a few of the beneficial traits acquired in an arts environment.

Hip-Hop Dance Classes at Freestyle Dance Academy. Warrington, Chalfont & Doylestown, PA.

An open dance class at Freestyle Dance Academy.

Thank you to CanCan Productions for helping Freestyle Dance Academy spread the message of arts, and helping us highlight its importance. Thank you again to the National Endowment for the Arts for sharing Mr. Tony’s “Art Story” in celebration of the NEA’s 50th anniversary. Still not positive how dance can be beneficial outside of the dance studio? Check out this article from the New York City Rockettes on how dance teaches an individual essential life skills.

Dance Classes at Freestyle Dance Academy

Thank you CanCan Productions for the incredible video about Freestyle Dance Academy, dance & the importance of the arts for kids.

The full PSA video can be found on the Freestyle Dance Academy Youtube page, as well as on all of the dance studio’s social media. It is also featured in CanCan Productions official grant proposal to the NEA. Thank you for coming to visit, and checking out our breaking & hip-hop dance classes. Perhaps we will see you back sometime to view our jazz, ballet & other dance classes as well! CanCan Productions is a local video production company based out of Oxford, PA, not too far from Freestyle Dance Academy, which serves the Chalfont, Warrington & Doylestown communities only a short drive north.

Good luck getting your grant, and thank you for helping FDA spread the word about the importance of the arts for kids & adults.

The National Endowment of the Arts

CanCan Productions website

Tony Azzaro “Arts Story” on the NEA website

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The New York City Rockettes Dance Company

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