Mr. Eugene

Eugene Park - Dance Teacher Freestyle Dance Academy

Mr. Eugene ~ Breaking

Mr. Eugene ~ Breaking

Eugene Park grew up in Warrington, Pennsylvania. Eugene went to school in Bucks County, completing high school at Central Bucks South. He has been breaking for about 8 years, and was introduced to dance & breaking through a friend while attending Unami Middle School. He would also go on to meet one of his mentors, known as Vivid, through his friend Jimmy. After training with Vivid, Eugene began to branch out, often taking the train into Philadelphia to dance with bboys & bgirls from around the area. He has fond high school memories of hanging out at BC-1 on the weekends, and dancing with all of the teenage dancers.

Eugene breakdancing in Philadelphia - Freestyle Dance Academy

Mr. Eugene at a jam in Philly. Photo Credit: Renee Collaro Photography.

Eugene has been a part of various breaking crews throughout his dance journey, including Out 4 Royalty, Rhythm Kings & Stylers. Eugene has competed in various jams & competitions including Back to the Streets & Make It Count (the latter of which he made the semi-finals). He was also part of an Arts Outreach program called Seamaac, which he was able to perform as a bboy for a Phillies game. Eugene had the privilege of training with some of the best breakers in the area, including Vivid, P.R., Joe Son, Candy, Code4, & Box Won. He is inspired by many of his past teachers, as well as bboys like Lem and crews such as the Dreamers Crew. Outside of dance, Eugene is an avid sports fan. He loves boxing, and it is also his favorite sport to follow. Aside from teaching breaking at Freestyle Dance Academy, Eugene works full-time at Wells Fargo bank.

“I just want to teach kids to be confident in who they are. This dance is about being you and expressing yourself. I just want to teach them to be confident as a person, not just as a dancer.” – Mr. Eugene

Eugene breakdancing in Philadelphia - Freestyle Dance Academy.

Mr. Eugene breaking in a cypher.

Here is a video of Mr. Eugene’s Intermediate Breaking Class performing at Project Moshen’s Artistry Unfolded dance showcase: