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Tony Azzaro, dance, dancer, hip-hop, Freestyle Dance Academy, Bicking Photography, Philadelphia

Tony Azzaro – Director of Freestyle Dance Academy. Photo by Bicking Photography.

Mr. Tony – Studio Director/Hip-Hop

Tony Azzaro is a hip-hop & street dancer who began exploring dance when growing up in Houston, Texas. Tony was inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake and more, along with dancers such as the Electric Boogaloos, The Lockers, Rock Steady Crew and others. After moving to Bucks County at the start of high school, he began to seriously educate himself in hip-hop and dance. Tony is versed in multiple styles of hip-hop including popping, locking, breaking, krumping, tutting, and house. He also enjoys learning about and experiencing other forms of dance and movement. Tony is an active professional performer and teacher, and has also been an entertainer at Cutting Edge Entertainment in Huntingdon Valley for almost a decade as a dancer, DJ and Master of Ceremonies.

Mr. Tony & Freestyle Dance Academy featured in “Great” by Matthew Gold.

Tony has been blessed to learn from, train with, teach for, and perform alongside various crews, groups and companies, including Campbell’s, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Philly Bratt Pack, Dancin’ on Air, Project Moshen Dance Company, The Koresh Dance Company and Infatuation Dance Company. Tony is extremely proud of his time performing with Outta Kontrol, a Temple University based hip-hop crew, before completing his degree in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media. He has performed in various events including musicals, artist showcases, competitions, live performances, charity events, videos and more. Click here to watch Mr. Tony’s performance in Philadelphia’s Dancing For Our Future Stars.

Sanbrooka Productions, Tony Azzaro, dance, dancer, hip-hop, Philadelphia, performance, dance company

Freestyle Dance Academy director, Tony, performs a solo during Sanbrooka Productions‘ “I.V.U.” – Photo by Bicking Photography Studio.

Tony also frequently teaches workshops on hip-hop technique & history in the tri-state region and beyond. Some of Tony’s teaching credits include Lehigh University, Muhlenberg College, The Koresh School of Dance, and other schools & dance studios in the Philadelphia area. Mr. Tony also choreographs for many organizations & teams in the area, with his award-winning choreography being recognized at various dance competitions, etc.

Tony is an active member of The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew, based out of New York City. TBB is an organization that focuses on the preservation & education of hip-hop culture & dance. Originally founded in 1975, the organization now has chapters all over the globe, constantly pushing to educated & inform about hip-hop & urban culture. Recently, Tony was selected to become a member of the International Dance Council, a branch of UNESCO. Learn more about the CID here.

“Mr. Tony”, as many of his younger students have come to call him, believes that in order to provide his students with the best training, he must always remain a student and continue learning. Tony still trains whenever possible, and takes any chance he can to meet and learn from other dancers. Tony is also still an active performer in the Philadelphia community and beyond, and is a member of the Sanbrooka Productions company in Philadelphia, under the direction of Sammy Reyes. Tony is a seasoned entertainer, also having experience in singing, musical theatre, modeling and acting.


Tony Azzaro - dance - Freestyle Dance Academy - hiphop - Fall Into Art

Studio Director Mr. Tony performing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Photo Credit: Rhymes with Beat.

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