The Mission of Freestyle


The mission at Freestyle Dance Academy is to not only teach our students the technique behind dance, but to show them how to embrace their passion for dance.

Dance is an art form at FDA, not a competitive endeavor. We do not encourage our students to be better than one another, but to learn how to express themselves through dance and then have a conversation with one another. Every student is challenged to become better than THEMSELVES, not better than others. Dance is a form of individual, artistic expression. Our goal is that every student leaves Freestyle Dance Academy with a sense of pride and confidence as an individual person and as a dancer.

Brandon Breakdancing at Freestyle Dance Academy

The focus is on YOU as a dancer, not on others.

That being said, every dancer has individual goals that are different. We here at Freestyle Dance Academy will do all we can to help our dancers reach the goals they have their eyes on, whether it is only dancing for fun, dancing to gain confidence, dancing to improve athletic performance, dancing to obtain a scholarship, or dancing to become a professional.

Kristen Ballet Bun

Passionate dance teachers who take pride in teaching lessons inside & outside of the dance studio.

Whatever your goals are, please make sure you speak to the cast here at Freestyle Dance Academy. We take pride in our ability to give each one of our students the individual attention they deserve. As a team, our staff, parents and dancers can reach their goals.

~ A Note from the Studio Director ~

“I would like to share my genuine excitement for Freestyle Dance Academy. I look forward to establishing a beacon for dance. A place that any person who loves dancing can come to and enjoy the art. FDA is about education. It is about teaching our students while, at the same time, feeding their passion for dance. I hope that Freestyle Dance Academy can be a stepping stone for young dancers to go onto higher education in the dance world and beyond. I look forward to doing my personal best to see that every student leaves FDA a better dancer, performer and individual. I also realize that for each dancer, those levels are different. Not all are meant to be Mia Michaels or Shane Sparks, nor do all desire to be. That being said, everyone will leave Freestyle Dance Academy PROUD┬áto be a dancer, in whatever capacity that may mean for them personally.

I look forward to meeting all the dancers and dance lovers out there, and doing all I can to help inspire you and contribute to your growth.”

– Tony –