Open Enrollment at Freestyle Dance Academy, including Breakdancing for Boys & Girls!


Freestyle Dance Academy, located in Warrington, PA, has Open Enrollment for all classes, including Breakdancing! Dance students can be registered at anytime, unless the specific class has reached its full capacity. Freestyle Dance Academy will close classes once they have reached maximum registration. This guarantees that students will get personalized attention from their instructors.

Check out this video of Freestyle Dance Academy’s Intermediate Breaking class with Mr. Long & Mr. Eugene:


Breaking, or “Breakdancing” as it is more commonly known, ¬†uses cyphers, or “circles,” to allow b-boys & b-girls the opportunity to express themselves. This is a practice that is continued at Freestyle Dance Academy, as it allows the young breakers to display their progress, along with their individual styles & personalities.

Dancers: Bella, Brandon, Carter, Cooper, Ethan, Mr. Eugene & Mr. Long.

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