Philadelphia’s Sanbrooka Productions Presents “I.V.U.”

Sanbrooka Productions, dance, dancer, dance company, Philadelphia, Samuel Reyes

The dancers of Philadelphia’s Sanbrooka Productions perform “I.V.U.” – Photo by Bicking Photography Studio.

This past weekend, Philadelphia-based dance & theatre company Sanbrooka Productions presented their second full-scale show, “I.V.U. – Interscope of Valued Uniqueness.” Sanbrooka Productions, under the direction of founder Samuel Antonio Reyes, combine multiple aspects of performance including dance, theatre & more, to bring their audiences a visual and emotional experience. Freestyle Dance Academy’s own dance teachers, Mrs. Alexis & Ms. Colleen, along with studio director Mr. Tony, are all active performing members of Sanbrooka Productions.

Sanbrooka Productions, Tony Azzaro, dance, dancer, hip-hop, Philadelphia, performance, dance company

Freestyle Dance Academy director, Mr. Tony, performs a solo during Sanbrooka Productions’ “I.V.U.” – Photo by Bicking Photography Studio.

“I.V.U.” was a show dedicated to perseverance among personal & social struggles. From internal battles with emotions, addictions, love & more; to the more social conscious struggles of politics, acceptance, understanding, and injustice, the show worked to enlighten its audience members, while taking them on a journey with various styles of dance including hip-hop, jazz, modern, salsa, contemporary, ballet, and more. The types of music were as varied as the dancing, featuring moments from Charlie Chaplin, Michael & Janet Jackson, The Blue Oyster Cult, Beyonce, and others.

Sanbrooka Productions, IVU, Koresh Dance, dance, dance company, performance, Philadelphia, Colleen Dougherty

Freestyle Dance Academy Jazz & Tap dance teacher, Ms. Colleen, dances during the contemporary section of “I.V.U.” – Photo by Bicking Photography Studio.

The performance opened with a piece choreographed by Dillon Shifferly, which incorporated Charlie Chaplin’s famous dialogue from “The Great Dictator.” This part of the show awakened the audience to the purpose of humanity, and called the world to love one another, while educating them that hate was ‘inhuman & unnatural.’ After a moving opening, the dancers of Sanbrooka Productions hit the stage to confront social injustice, lead by a solo from Sanbrooka director Sammy Reyes. The show unraveled the physical & emotional journey that an individual takes when trying to fight and solve the injustices around them.

Sanbrooka Productions, Koresh Dance, Bicking Photography, dance, dance company, Alexis Lanzillo Long

Freestyle Dance Academy Tap & Special Needs dance teacher, Mrs. Alexis, during Sanbrooka Productions’ “I.V.U.” – Photo by Bicking Photography Studio.

The dance company then turned the journey inward, focusing on emotional turmoil created from anger, sadness, happiness, addiction, love, abuse and more. The show concluded with a moment of self realization, and worth, as the audience experienced the moment of value, in which we all must break out of our self imposed chains, and use our love to help heal ourselves, and the world.

Sanbrooka Productions, Samuel Reyes, Koresh Dance, dance, dance company, performing arts, Philadelphia

Sanbrooka Productions presents “I.V.U.” created by Samuel Reyes. Photo by Bicking Photography Studio.

“I.V.U” was a huge success for Sanbrooka Productions, as the dance & performing arts company sold out every show during the weekend. All proceeds went to benefit the Koresh Dance Complex, the space in which the company holds rehearsals. Freestyle Dance Academy’s Mr. Tony not only earned billing as a dancer in this performance, but also as a choreographer for “I.V.U.” Sanbrooka Productions is a collective of Philadelphia & tri-state artists, performers and entertainers. The company encompasses all forms of the performing arts including dance, theatre and acting. For inquires about Sanbrooka Productions, shows, performance opportunities, and more: Congratulations to the entire company on a fantastic performance!

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Sanbrooka Productions, Bicking Photography Studio, Tony Azzaro, Ryan Alexander, Chris Urban, dance, dance company, Philadelphia

Thank you to Bicking Photography Studio for shooting Sanbrooka Productions’ “I.V.U.”


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