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Freestyle Dance Academy Dancers, Families, Friends & Followers, it is that time again! Please help support us, as we spread the word to the Doylestown community about Freestyle Dance Academy!, a website that provides information on children’s activities (including dance classes) for the Doylestown community, is hosting its annual “Most Loved” awards. In 2015, the last time the awards were given out, Freestyle Dance Academy won Most Loved Dance Studio. We ask again that you help us inform the community of the high-quality dance education at our dance studio, along with the friendships & memories being made every day here at FDA.

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The Doylestown Hulafrog is currently asking supporters of local businesses to go onto the website and “show their love” to their favorite businesses. Unlike many other websites, Hulafrog filters its results based upon how much “love” each business gets from local residents. Please help us show who the best dance studio for kids & adults in the Doylestown area is, and show your love for¬†Freestyle Dance Academy! To vote, you must follow the link, and click the “Vote Now” button listed next to Freestyle Dance Academy. Be sure to check out the other listings, and vote for your other favorite local businesses!

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Freestyle Dance Academy ~ 2015 Most Loved Dance Studio by Doylestown Click here to vote for FDA as the Most Loved Dance Studio 2017!

Freestyle Dance Academy provides high quality, commercial dance education for the Warrington, Chalfont, Doylestown & Lansdale communities. For more info on dance classes, including hip-hop, jazz, breaking (breakdancing), tap, ballet & more, click here.

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