Freestyle Dance Academy’s Philadelphia 76ers Michael Jackson Performance

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The 2016 Freestyle Dance Academy MJ Tribute Dance Group at the Wells Fargo Center.

Freestyle Dance Academy took the floor at the Wells Fargo Center, in Philadelphia, PA, to perform a Michael Jackson Tribute dance piece that included the music legend’s famous songs “Smooth Criminal,” “Billie Jean,” and the Jackson 5’s hit “I Want You Back.” After months of rehearsal, the Freestyle Dance Academy dancers gave a Primetime Performance right before the tip off of the Philadelphia 76ers & Brooklyn Nets basketball game on February 6th. The dance studio then stayed to enjoy the Sixers’ win, before heading back home to Warrington, PA.

As you can see from the video above, the dancers from Freestyle Dance Academy put on a show that MJ himself would have been proud of; with spotlights of different dancers including a performance-opening breaking section by bboy (“breakdancing”) teacher Mr. Andrew & an appearance by “Michael” himself, played by Freestyle Dance Academy director, Mr. Tony. The dynamic & high energy performance included all styles of dance & entertainment such as hip-hop, jazz, tap, tricks and more. Some of the dance studio’s youngest performers even donned silver vests & treated the audience to a reenactment of the Jackson 5, as the rest of the dancers performed around them.

Freestyle Dance Academy, dance, dancer, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia 76ers, Michael Jackson,

The Finale to Freestyle Dance Academy’s MJ Performance in Philadelphia, PA.

The performance opened with Michael Jackson’s fast-paced “Smooth Criminal,” with the dancers showing off fancy footwork and some of MJ’s signature isolations. Freestyle Dance Academy then took the audience back to the sounds of Motown, as five of the group’s youngest members became the iconic Jackson 5, while the rest of the performers locked around them. Lastly, the crowd was treated to The King of Pop’s legendary “Billie Jean,” with the dancers performing an explosive piece of choreography that include many of the entertainer’s signature movements. Any Michael Jackson performance would not be complete without the moonwalker himself, and Freestyle Dance Academy did not disappoint the viewers. The end of the show featured an appearance by “MJ” himself, complimented by eye-catching dance moves & tricks from the dancers.

Check out the video below for a “Behind The Scenes” look into the performance, beginning with rehearsals, to the day of the show:

Freestyle Dance Academy would like to thank all of the dancers & parents for their commitment, hard work, focus & energy throughout the rehearsal period & performance. The dance studio would also like to acknowledge all of the dance teachers of Freestyle Dance Academy who performed alongside the students, and gave their extra time to help prepare all of the kids for the show. Thank you to Olivia, Marin, & Eric for taking video & photos of the entire performance at the Wells Fargo Center. A special thank you goes out to the Philadelphia 76ers for having Freestyle Dance Academy out to perform before the basketball game.

A special shout out goes out to Rhymes With Beat Clothing for the incredible shirts they designed for our dancers to wear as they performed on the court.

Rhymes With Beat, Michael Jackson, clothing, urban brand, Freestyle Dance Academy

Michael Jackson Performance shirts designed by Rhymes With Beat.

 Freestyle Dance Academy’s Philadelphia 76ers MJ Dancers

Bella S.

Brianna C.

Cooper T.

Dante Q.

Emily C.

Ethan S.

Gina R.

Julia T.

Kyle C.

Kyle P.

Lauren B.

Lilli L.

Malaika A.

Meg B.

Mia D.

Nala A.

Olivia G.

Tommy W.

Performing FDA Cast








Freestyle Dance Academy will be posting video & photos from the performance on the dance studio’s Facebook & Instagram pages. Freestyle Dance Academy offers dance classes for both kids & adults in the Chalfont, Doylestown, Warrington & Lansdale communities. Click the link to take a look into a dance class on the FDA Youtube page.

Update: Click here to view the Facebook album full of pictures from the performance!

Philadelphia 76ers

The Wells Fargo Center

Rhymes With Beat

The Official Michael Jackson Site

This is not the first time that Freestyle Dance Academy has paid tribute to the King of Pop. Check out Freestyle Dance Academy’s 2013 Thriller music video:

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