Mr. Andrew

Andrew Byun Breaking Rhymes With Beat - Dance, Freestyle Dance Academy

Mr. Andrew ~ Breaking

Andrew Byun grew up in the greater Philadelphia area, graduating in 2010 from New Hope-Solebury High School. A recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts (SVA), with a degree in 3D animation, Andrew’s interests are as varied as his dance moves.

Andrew’s love of bboying began with his family. Him, along with his older brother Eric, started teaching themselves to bboy in their basement. Without any YouTube videos or tutorials on breaking at the time, all they had was a “How to Breakdance” VHS, an Expressions Crew 2002 DVD, and their imaginations to learn from during their journey. Admittedly, Andrew was shy during his childhood, and was always looking for little ways to stand out of the crowd and be different. Bboying was one of those outlets.

Watch Mr. Andrew in Rhythmic Damage (he is the 2nd bboy, in the black shirt)

Some of his biggest influences were Expressions Crew, Beat Whakz, & his friends and family. Andrew recalls Ryan (Napalm from Beat Whakz) telling him, “Not to make it obvious when you make a mistake, but to play it off and keep going.” Because of those helpful words, his dance style consists of a lot of mistakes and crashes that flow from one mistake to the next, creating a fluid style. He hopes to use experiences like this to explain to his students that a dancer can learn & use mistakes to help them improve their abilities. Andrew has competed in local jams & competitions, such as Rhythmic Damage. When he isn’t dancing, you can still find him at events, such as Evolution or Silverback Open, to gain inspiration and learn from the best. Preparing and practicing for jams/performances are among his favorite memories as a bboy. A combination of hanging out with friends and crew mates, along with practicing moves, sets, and routines, is always a great time for him.

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Mr. Andrew dances at center court during the Freestyle Dance Academy Philadelphia 76ers performance at the Wells Fargo Center.

A self-proclaimed goofball, Mr. Andrew loves to crack jokes, make funny faces, play video games & use his imagination. He hopes to bring this atmosphere into the dance studio, encouraging his students to work hard, as well as stretch their imaginations and create something new.

A Sample from the Intermediate Breaking Class at Freestyle Dance Academy:


“Starting to face the responsibilities of adulthood and dealing with the ever-growing challenges of life, I cherish the blessings I have been given and that includes any opportunities to dance. Dancing is a major outlet for me to get away from daily stress. As a dancer, I hope to better find myself and take my dancing further by expanding my ideas, concepts, and moves as far as I can; while always learning and finding better ways to communicate it to others.

As a teacher, I hope to not only teach dance moves, but to share my experiences as a dancer from the perspective of both a teacher and a student. I want students to enjoy dancing the same way I have, if not experience something greater, utilizing it as a creative outlet, a tool of self-expression, and a means of gaining life skills and confidence.” – Mr. Andrew


Freestyle Dance Academy & The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew dancing at Fall Into Street Art.

Eric, Andrew’s brother, is a member of the Bronx Boys Rocking Crew, and performed with Freestyle Dance Academy at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Click here for more on the performance!